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What is pandiculation? 

"Pandiculation is nature's way of maintaining the integrity of the myofascial system" (Luiz FernandoBertolucci - 2011)

You may know pandiculation as that urge to stretch and yawn when you wake up. It's NOT a stretch. It's so much more!

Join this 4-hour fascia education workshop for Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Biokineticists, and bodyworkers.

Online or in-person on 14th May 2021.  Get in early for the early bird discount.

Discover how to move to your body's design, not against it. With SomaSensing.


What to expect. 

Imagine not having to ever "correct" alignment, teach breathing exercises,  use props for fascia release, or modify movement.

Leave your 2-dimensional perception of anatomy at the door and tune into the nature of your design. Get ready to discover one of nature's healing blueprints. 

Pandiculation. A shape-changing, unwinding, nourishing, nurturing, hydrating, revitalising motion.  The body's innate way of restoring fascial integrity. better than stretching for mobility, suppleness and pain relief.  By the end of this workshop you will discover;

  • How the body is more of a soft container, than a rigid, upright column.

  • The difference between a stretch and pandiculation.

  • Experience the viscoelastic property of fascia. 

  • The auxetic property of fascia. 

  • Explore how everything moves as one shape-shifting fabric from the inside out.

  • Find intuitive rocking, pulsing coaxing movements to hydrate fascia

  • How the fascial fabric is a continuous. From the inside out and outside in. No beginning or no end. No layers. 

  • Notice how pandiculation moves and hydrates the Thoracolumbar fascia. How the TLF is continuous with the fabric of the pelvic floor, the psoas, the diaphragms, the arches of the feet, the heart, the neck, and the head. 

Why is pandiculation better than stretching?

If you ever wondered why stretching can feel like your body is fighting against you. It is!!  Because you are moving against nature's design.

  • Stretch means "getting longer, or wider". Like stretching an elastic band. Stretching is usually focused at a joint. The emphasis is on increasing space and flexibility at a joint by pulling or reaching.  You are literally "Pulling out of joint" the integrity of the tissue. 

  • Pandiculation emerges as an expanding sensation from within the body. The whole fascial fabric is involved in the motion. With no emphasis on flexibility at a joint. According to fascia research, it enhances the auxetic property of fascia. Auxetic is the opposite to stretch, It expands. It increases shock-absorbancy, energy storage, plumpness and glide.    The whole body responds with integrity. Better for vitality, mobility, and suppleness.

  • A stretch is associated with 2-dimensional anatomy. Lengthening or shortening.  There is an element of strain involved.

  • Pandiculation is omnidirectional. The body moves in every direction. The load is never in one place. The force is transmitted and distributed throughout the whole body. Making it feel effortless. 

  • The feel-good sensation of a stretch is linked to dopamine, the gratification hormone. This sensation can be addictive for those who love that stretch sensation. Not recognising the injury it may cause until it's too late. 

  • The feel-good sensation of pandiculation leaves you with a sense of well being. Releasing oxytocin, the nurture hormone. Better for regulating the nervous system.

  • With a stretch, you usually stretch at a joint and run the risk of going beyond your range. Running the risk of instability. Especially if you are  hypermobile. 

  • With pandiculation, you move with integrity. Within your range with no risk of injury.


In person bookings are full. Online  online or recorded still available!! We go live on 14th May 2021

 11.30am to 3.30pm in the UK

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6 Winchester Ave, Bishopscourt, Cape Town, 7708


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What others say

Intuitive learning is visceral. It involves pausing and listening to what arises. In this sense, it is a re-membering rather than learning something new because it's already there.

It´changed everything for me, i don´t have to wait to have someone tell me what to do, not even my brain... this is not a new form or a new way to move - this is how we were meant to move, live, breathe, love and enjoy. I´m peeling off my layers and finding me.

Mia Elmund - Yoga teacher trainer Sweden

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