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Hey there
I'm Antoinette

I am your SomaSensing guide in Cape Town.

Aotoinette Kavanagh - SomaSensing guide in Cape Town

I offer individual and group SomaSensing sessions. Courses, workshops, and retreats.  Online and in person. Guiding you to connect and heal through SomaSensing intuitive movement. 

As a lover of movement, I’m a self-confessed anatomy geek and fascia nerd. I have a dance background and have always had a fascination with how we move, how we heal, and how body and mind are connected. I started that journey through certification in Pilates in 2001. It was around the same time that I first experienced somatic movement through Feldenkrais.

Over the years my curiosity has led me to seek out educators who are on the cutting edge of this incredible field, it is how I came across Yasmin Lambat, founder of SomaSensing. Little did I know what I had found

SomaSensing remains the most profound shift in awareness I've ever experienced.  I would love to guide you to your inner knowing in the way that I found mine.  To a sense of wholeness and integrity. Moving and healing the way you are designed to.

Block of 4 sessions

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Block of 10 sessions

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