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Hey there
I'm Antoinette

I am your SomaSensing guide in Cape Town.

Aotoinette Kavanagh - SomaSensing guide in Cape Town

Hey, I'm Antoinette, your SomaSensing guide in Cape Town & online

I'm here to help you unlock the transformative power of your body wisdom, discover a deeper sense of self & get to the heart of healing through somatic awareness. 


My journey began in 2001 when I immersed myself in Pilates, gaining certification and experiencing the profound impact of conscious movement. During this time, I was introduced to somatic movement through Feldenkrais.


Driven by curiosity & an insatiable desire to understand how we move, how we heal & the mind-body connection.I have constantly sought out leading educators in the fields of fascia, movement & neuroscience. 


Along this path, I discovered Yasmin Lambat, the visionary founder of SomaSensing. Little did I know what I had stumbled across. SomaSensing remains the most profound shift in awareness I have ever experienced.


Allowing me to tap into an inner knowing and connection beyond what I thought possible. My greatest joy now lies in guiding others on their transformative journeys


Through SomaSensing, I will guide you to connect with your intuitive wisdom through your body. Together, we will explore 


Body Unwinding:

A somatic movement practice to help you reconnect with your bodies natural ability to move with ease & grace whilst releasing stuck patterns of trauma, strain & pain


Somatic awareness:

Learn how to nurture your nervous system with somatic practices that bring you to calm in a moment


Tune in through your senses:

Reconnecting with your sensory awareness to enhance your well-being


I invite you to join me on this extraordinary path to embrace your body's innate capacity to move and heal the way you are designed to. 


What I love about SomaSensing is its simplicity, how this practice can fit effortlessly into your daily life, how it enhances our connection with ourselves, with others, and with nature.

Most profoundly it builds our capacity to be at peace within ourselves in any situation

Move to heal naturally

An 8-week somatic movement programme that integrates SomaSensing movement & somatic mindfulness. Learn how to tune into your body with somatic awareness. To reconnect with natural movement that can unwind patterns of trauma, stiffness & pain. We meet live once a week. Included is the "free your body free your mind" Self-paced online course.

Somatic Exploration

60-minute guided practice to identify any patterns of tension and restriction in your body that may be keeping you stuck. My purpose is to create a nurturing space for your healing and well-being. To guide you to your body wisdom, assisting you to sense what feels right for you as we explore the options of working with SomaSensing to heal. 

Private Retreats in Fish Hoek

Pause, rest, unwind

A private retreat tailored to your wellbeing. 

Take some time out to unwind & restore on the beautiful False Bay coastline. A great opportunity to accelerate your inner healing journey through your body. Learn how to calm the noise, reconnect with your intuitive wisdom & take healing back into your own hands

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