Disconnection is a trauma response

I didn't know that I was disconnected and that it was a symptom of trauma until I was introduced to SomaSensing. Hey I'm Antoinette. I...

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Feeling stiff, achy, tired or in chronic pain?

It's your body's response to trauma. A sign that your fascia is in distress and your nervous system needs retuning.

At 80, my mom no longer has pain and says she feels supple and carefree!  More so now than she ever has in her adult life! Thanks to the self-healing blueprints that emerge with Fascia Tuning Therapy.  Movements like pandiculation feel nourishing, nurturing, and effortless. Unlike stretching.  Which has always felt like the body is fighting against itself. Somatic practices heal trauma implicitly. 

Fascia tuning movements in particular.  healing, nourishing, revitalising and effortless. Ideal at any age, regardless of your level of mobility. The best part is that you never run the risk of injury, as long as you follow the nature of your body's design. Tuning in to find what feels good.  Applying these principles of intuitive motion to any movement practice will change the relationship you have with it. Whether it's Yoga, Pilates,  Tai Chi, Qigong, Fitness training, meditation, mindfulness, and pretty much any body-mind or movement practice.