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Hey there

I'm Yasmin the founder of SomaSensing.  Great to have you here. You'll find me in Folkestone moving barefoot in nature most days. Or swimming in the sea. It's where I feel most at home. I cant' help following that urge to move, to sense, to explore. To always go to my body first when making a choice.

It doesn’t mean that I’m in a constant state of bliss.  There are times when life gets tough. Healing is having the capacity to feel without feeling overwhelmed. To lean on others when you need to. To lean in and have the body-centered tools to self-nurture.  It’s an ebb and flow of self-adjusting. Of moment-to-moment awareness. 


This is how SomaSensing emerged.

What I call SomaSensing is a felt sense of wholeness that emerged when I found myself standing with inner ease, no strain and no effort.  Somatic approaches don't guide you to learn a method of movement. You're guided to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Blueprints you are born with.


SomaSensing describes how I reconnected with my body through somatic awareness. Tuning into fascia as my felt sense. Before then, I had been a personal trainer, aerobics instructor and Pilates teacher exercising my body with no awareness of how it was responding in the moment.  

Moving on autopilot. Distracted by the number of repetitions, the music, or how much further, faster, or heavier I needed to train to get fit.  I practiced Yoga for flexibility, to counteract the stiffness and tightness I felt.  Hooked by the feel-good sensation of exercise, I was unaware of how my body was responding to my thoughts and emotions in my day-to-day life.

Exercise was my escape. Until I was guided to experience embodied anatomy through somatic awareness. Through sensing not seeing.  Through body sensation, not body position.  In the moment, not on autopilot.  It changed everything. The purpose of that practice was to explore the nature of fascia and tensegrity. Now referred to as biotensegrity. A term used by Stephen Levin to describe the blueprint of geometry that shapes all living things in nature.

SomaSensing is how I describe an AHA moment. A moment of experiencing body and mind as one. I could no longer go back to moving my body the way I had been. That was 18 years ago.

Intuitive movements emerged from reconnecting with my sensory awareness. Pandiculation and other healing blueprints arrived, to nurture, nourish and revitalise the connective tissue.  I found myself attuning in nature too and began to wonder about this tissue and its properties.

I continue to find educators to help me reveal the miracle of fascia as our fabric of embodiment. My current mentors are John Sharkey, Joanne Avison and Graham Scarr of the fascia and biotensegrity community. Robert Schliep a fascia researcher and my first mentor on fascia as our sixth sense. 

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