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Free up the strain

Bounce out the strain in your body with this practice

This is the simplest and easiest way to ease stuck fascia. Bounce out the strain with this simple practice.  Let your body decide whether this takes care of you. This 10 minute practice introduces the body bounce and pandiculation.

How to move intuitively

 A lesson on the nature of our design. How to tune into fascia to connect with yourself.

This is a movement lesson. Based on fascial anatomy and how the body is designed to move with ease.  Informed by biotensegrity. No need to pull in your core or stand upright. Those practice add strain to a trauma body and go against the nature of your design. Learn how to tune into your felt sense and explore intuitive movement.

Pandiculation course

Feel supple without stretching.

Experience pandiculation. An intuitive unwinding motion that gets to areas a stretch can’t get to.  It's like an inner massage. You know it as that urge to "stretch and yawn" when you wake up from sleep.  In this online course, we guide you step by step to experience pandiculation in standing, seated, lying down and in everyday motion.

  • Relieve back pain

  • Calm inflammation

  • Ease fibromyalgia