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On demand or in person

Start with a free taster session to help you explore this practice. Or dive straight into the online body unwinding course, or work with us in person or  via Zoom

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On Demand
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Body unwinding session

A simple  floor practice to help you unwind and nurture yourself from the inside out.

🧎‍♀️ Calm your mind

🧎‍♀️Soothe your body

🧎‍♀️Release tension and strai

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A 90 minute fascial unwinding masterclass.  Introducing  pandiculation the body unwinding blueprint.  A mix of video and audio to help you tap into the inner wisdom of the body.

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Body Unwinding pandiculation course

Learn the essentials of fascial unwinding in this self-paced course. Reconnect with pandiculation, the blueprint of unwinding.  Includes 8 recorded vidoes, 8 audios and 14 lessions. 

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Chaos to Calm course

An 8-week self-paced online course for nervous system regulation. 

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