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Get your body into a healing state

With fascia tuning self-practice sessions or book a private one on one to help us guide you into a healing state. 


Free fascia tuning session

Connect with your intuitive sense

A great way to explore intuitive movement to know whether it's right for you. In this practice you are guided to the soft body bounce and pandiculation.

Heal in motion with fascia tuning somatic movement

 A30-minute video practice. An introduction to intuitive motion. To soothe and calm the nervous system. 

Ideal if you are curious about fascia-informed somatic movement. To help you decide if this is the practice that can help you heal. 

SomaSensing one on one.

Book a private 2-hour session to experience how you can get your body into a healing frequency with SomaSensing. Plus some simple vagus nerve practices you can fit into your day. On Special for $97 

There is nothing like an in-person session to guide you through your embodied awareness. Through a process of somatic inquiry. Experience the wisdom of somatic awareness. Discover your intuitive sense.