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Free your body,
Free your mind

With SomaSensing Body Unwinding.
A somatic movement therapy for healing and recovery

Find the freedom to move in ways you never imagined.

Embrace the natural path to healing with SomaSensing Body Unwinding.

Get in touch with your body's wisdom. 

Find the freedom to move in ways you never imagined. 

Embrace the natural path to healing.

Connect with Pandiculation. The natural way to revitalise 

body and mind

Bring your body to a healing state


Take a moment to pause 

rest and calm your nervous system. Bring your body to quiet


Experience, how natural self-soothing somatic movements  ease areas of strain, and discomfort


Let natural movement patterns Nourish, hydrate and free your fascia. Leaving you feeling revitalised and recharged.

Feeling stuck, stiff or stressed?

Struggling to release strain with traditional stretching?

Imagine moving with ease and grace as if your body already knows how. 


Learn how to tap into this body wisdom with SomaSensing. A somatic movement practice that gets to the heart of healing.  


Learn how to connect to your natural ability to move and recover from long-held trauma, strain, and pain. 

What others say...
  • It's like an inner retreat that I can access at any time

  • I run and do Yoga but this just feels right

  • Gets to areas a stretch can't get to

  • Better than any massage I've had

  • I feel less fatigued and less sore

  • I realise that Yoga puts a plaster on it but with SomaSensing it feels like I’m dealing with stuff without having to talk about it.

  • You can never injure yourself in this practice because you are always following the pattern of your body.

  • It's a quantum leap in healing trauma without having to talk about it.

Discover Pandiculation

The recovery blueprint

Why Choose SomaSensing



  • Get into those knots and sticky bits that a stretch can never get to

  • Release deep-seated emotional stress, strain, and chronic pain

  • Unwind long-held patterns from the inside out

  • Cultivate a profound sense of body awareness and self-connection

  • Restore natural movement patterns for wellbeing.

  • Experience joy through effortless movement.


Experience movements that moisturize your joints and restore the spring in your step;

I'm Yasmin Lambat, a Registered Master Somatic Movement Educator and founder of SomaSensing. I come from a Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates background. Which is prescribed. Once I felt the power of natural movement,  there was no turning back. 

My mind shifted through the freedom I felt in my body.

I can't help but share it with you in this easy-to-follow online course.


Joining me is Antoinette Kavanagh, a certified SomaSensing guide and seasoned Pilates instructor. We love nothing more than guiding you to find your freedom in the way we felt ours.

This online course is perfect for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on movement, regardless of age, fitness level, or prior experience. You don't need to be familiar with SomaSensing Body Unwinding to join - all you need is an open mind and a desire to move in harmony with your body's natural design.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize the way you move and feel in your body. Sign up now and reclaim your innate ability for effortless movement!

SomaSensing body unwinding

Are you ready to tap into the inner wisdom of your body?

Ready to experience healing through movement?

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