Hey I'm Yasmin

I am your SomaSensing guide in Folkestone.

Learn simple body practices that help you get to the heart of healing.  Anywhere, anytime and at any moment. I offer different ways to work with me. Both online and in person. Indoors or in nature. Through somatic movement, manual therapy or trauma-sensitive coaching.  

Intuitive Unwinding workshop

Join me for this  2-hour workshop on 3rd September 2022 at St John's church hall in Folkestone. A  great way to experience SomaSensing. Learn how to tap into the healing power of your body/mind connection. Move the way you were designed to and heal the way nature intended. 

Nature therapy

Being in nature is the kindest and quickest way to bring you into a healing state. Learn how to attune your senses in nature. How to connect with yourself without distraction. How to quiet the noise. How to become aware of your inner felt sense. I combine somatic mindfulness, movement and coaching outdoors.

Intuitive unwinding

Reconnect with the natural way to move and heal yourself.  Informed by fascia, biotensegrity and somatic principles of self-inquiry. People often ask if this can be integrated with other movement practices, like Yoga, Pilates or exercise. Why not book an exploratory session to find out for yourself or try a free taster.