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Hey I'm Yasmin

I work with women over 40 who want to reclaim suppleness, strength and vitality. With little effort. As the founder of SomaSensing, allow me to guide you to connect with your body in a way that will help you to heal and recover.. From freeing up strain, stiffness, and pain to finding clarity when faced with tough choices.


As someone who has been through menopause and my own natural healing journey, I will guide you to practices that help you nourish and nurture you. Helping you to listen deeply and recognise the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Guiding you to resolve the patterns of your past.  Through somatic movement, nervous system regulation and vibrant food.  Addressing the issues of menstruation, menopause, and unresolved trauma.

Book a Consultation, Try a Free Taster, or Dive into the 3-Month Coaching Program:

Whether you prefer online sessions or in-person sessions in Folkestone, both indoors and in nature, you have the flexibility to choose the format that resonates with you. Experience the benefits of somatic movement, manual therapy, and trauma-sensitive coaching as we embark on this journey together.

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Heal yourself programme

A 12-week somatic coaching programme that integrates SomaSensing movement, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation, where you work with me one on one. Helping you to ease chronic pain, calm stress, and heal long-held trauma. Learn how to reconnect with yourself and heal from the inside out.  

Heal through nature

Being in nature is the kindest and quickest way to bring you into a healing state. Learn how to attune your senses in nature. How to connect with yourself without distraction. How to quiet the noise. How to become aware of your inner felt sense. I combine somatic mindfulness, movement and coaching outdoors.

Somatic exploration

60-minute consultation to explore the benefits of somatic healing. A guided practice to identify any patterns of tension and restriction in your body that may be keeping you stuck.  Exploring the options of  working with SomaSensing to heal. My purpose is to create a nurturing space for your healing and well-being.

Somatic mentoring

For movement professionals and trauma-informed therapists looking for ways to work with SomaSensing. Whether you're new to Somatic therapy or a seasoned practitioner. This session is tailored towards your continuing education.  The best way to decide whether this is the path for you. Let your body wisdom guide you.

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