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Hey I'm Yasmin

I am your SomaSensing guide in Folkestone.

Learn simple body practices that help you get to the heart of healing.  Anywhere, anytime and at any moment. I offer different ways to work with me. Both online and in person. Indoors or in nature. Through somatic movement, manual therapy or trauma-sensitive coaching.  

Heal yourself programme

A 12-week somatic coaching programme that integrates SomaSensing movement, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation, where you work with me one on one. Helping you to ease chronic pain, calm stress, and heal long-held trauma. Learn how to reconnect with yourself and heal from the inside out.  

Heal through motion

Learn how to bring your body into a healing state and let it unwind. Releasing long-held patterns of stuckness, strain and pain. A fascial unwinding therapy that gets to areas that a stretch can't get to. That’s because you’re moving to heal your whole self, the way nature intended. Shape changing, whilst rewiring the nervous system.

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