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Somatic Therapy Training

Courses, mentoring and certification

Bringing you the latest in fascia and trauma-informed approaches to somatic therapy and somatic movement therapy. We've done all the hard work to simplify the theory in the emerging field of fascia research and nervous system regulation. Whilst guiding you to your sensory wisdom and embodied learning. Whether you’re new to guiding movement or a seasoned instructor, there is a place for you.

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Somatic  education pathways



For Somatic therapists, somatic movement therapists, yoga therapists or movement teachers looking to integrate SomaSensing. Both individual and  private programmes.

Body Unwinding 


 Body Unwinding Essentials self-paced online course. An introduction to the somatic practice to complete at your own pace. Also as a pre-requisite to the certification

Body Unwinding


Become fully certified as a Somatic Movement Therapist in this year-long course. For existing Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and movement professionals 

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