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Courses and certification

If you're searching for a fascia and trauma-informed approach to somatic movement therapy, you're in the right place.  We've done all the hard work to integrate the latest research to bring you the best in somatic education.  The emerging field of fascia and nervous system regulation means that it will evolve. We evolve with it. Staying curious and passionate about learning.   


8-week pandiculation course starts on 19th March

8-week SomaSensing course for Yoga teachers and movement professionals. 

Learn how to make the switch from stretching to pandiculation in your Yoga practice. 

Every Sunday from 19th March to 30th April 2023 between 4 pm and 6 pm BST.

Somatic Movement Therapist certification 2023

A year-long certification in Intuitive Body Unwinding. For movement professionals, Yoga Teachers, Pilates teachers and body workers who want to include a trauma-informed somatatic movement therapy to their practice.

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