Heal yourself

With SomaSensing. 

Fascia-informed somatic movement and mindfulness practices.

To help you heal trauma through the body.

Learn how to tune into your fascia to tone your Vagus nerve. 

How to get your body into a healing state.

Calm anxiety, ease chronic pain and reduce inflammation with pandiculation and other intuitive movements. 

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Feeling stuck, stiff, tense, achy, fatigued or in pain?

These signs of strain in your fascia, are interoceptive signs of distress. Alerting you that your nervous system is not able to restore itself and is stuck in a trauma loop of fight/flight/freeze or fold. Through no fault of your own! It happens on autopilot. Beneath your conscious awareness.

Your body continues in this unconscious loop unable to re-energise until you interrupt this pattern.  You can't change a trauma pattern in your nervous system through your thoughts. The only way is through body sensation.

Fascia is the largest body-sensing organ of your nervous system. Abundant with interoceptors signal sensations from within.  That could be stiffness, a healing touch, softness, strain, elasticity, inner ease, sense of disconnection, connection, and integrity. A sense of wholeness.

Fascia also interconnects and shapes every biological system in your body. Providing the environment for every living cell.  

Your fabric of embodiment, fascia lies at the heart of healing trauma through the body.

Interoceptors are either linked to bodily functions like the urge to pee, hunger, thirst, itch, body temperature, nausea.

Or emotional sensations like butterflies in your tummy, pounding heart, dry mouth, an adrenaline rush, or calm nurturing, comforting sensations.

Learn how to restore the inner rhythm of your nervous system through this intuitive sense.


Nurture yourself

Your body has a healing frequency.

A nurturing sensation. The kind that emerges when we are in awe and wonder of the beauty of nature. Especially when we pause in the moment to connect and listen to the sound of the sea, resonate with the sound of a bird, smell the scent of lavender or stand mesmerized by the shape and magnificence of a tree. It’s that spontaneous sense of awe that interrupts the nervous system being in a state of survival.

You can get to the same healing frequency through fascia tuning intuitive movements.  Feel-good movement blueprints to nurture,nourish and heal fascia from the inside out. Just 5 minutes of a body bounce can ease stiffness and strain, whilst toning the vagus nerve.  Or The Calm Response™ a practice that triggers an inner release of the body held in a trauma reflex pattern. Although the somatic practices feel good and are simple, they are not a quick fix.  

Just like an old overgrown pathway in a dense forest, it takes regular self-practice to clear a pathway that has not been used for a while. 

Pandiculation is an intuitive blueprint that you are born with that can help you reconnect with your body's inner healing wisdom. Revitalizing fascia, your organ of wellbeing. When you heal fascia, you heal trauma.


When did you last pandiculate?

Pandiculation is that spontaneous urge to "stretch and yawn" on waking up. Dogs, cats, and mammals have the same revitalising blueprint.

When you lose this urge, it's a sign that your body is stuck in a trauma response. You can access this blueprint in a single SomaSensing session.

Book a pandiculation session

Reconnect with your SOMA to heal

Reconnecting with your SOMA, your intuitive sense will help you access your body's innate ability to heal. Pandiculation is just one of the movement blueprints you were born with. Discover more intuitive spiral movements that feel natural and effortless. Healing and nourishing you from the inside out.

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Get your body into a healing state

With fascia tuning self-practice sessions or book a private one on one to help us guide you into a healing state. 


Heal in motion with fascia tuning somatic movement

 A30-minute video practice. An introduction to intuitive motion. To soothe and calm the nervous system. 

Ideal if you are curious about fascia-informed somatic movement. To help you decide if this is the practice that can help you heal. 

SomaSensing one on one.

Book a private 2-hour session to experience how you can get your body into a healing frequency with SomaSensing. Plus some simple vagus nerve practices you can fit into your day. On Special for $97 instead of $200 until January 2022.

There is nothing like an in-person session to guide you through your embodied awareness. Through a process of somatic inquiry. Experience the wisdom of somatic awareness. Discover your intuitive sense.

Nurturing Retreats

You can book a private retreat at a time that's convenient for you. Or come on one of our group retreats. Learn how to connect with nature and attune to her healing frequency.

Retreats provide the ultimate environment for healing. Spaces that nurture you from the time you arrive. Giving you the space to pause, rest and tune in. Connecting with your intuitive sense to find purpose. Daily somatic movement, coaching and mindfulness sessions to help you cultivate awareness.  Practices to take home when you leave.

What others say


Learning about the "calm response" is like a new discovery of a retreat, available to me any moment. 
SomaSensing™ is no longer the RIGHT thing to do but is now the KINDEST thing I do for my body, physically, mentally and emotionally, restoring the equilibrium of body and spirit


After Antoinette’s movement session, I feel a deep softening happening inside me.  A vulnerability, lightness, gentleness and opening of my heart.


Yasmin’s work has shown me how to find a little peace and freedom in the chaos of my busy life and overactive mind. By using her simple movement techniques, I now understand better how to ‘let go’ and connect with a place of calm and integrity within my being.


We are all searching for inner peace amongst the noise in life. Your sessions help me find the quiet within. Since meeting you my life has become a wonderful adventure and journey to enlightment.


Foggy Pier

Your SomaSensing guides

Reach out to work with us in person or online. Book a 45 minute somatic movement or somatic coaching session to experience how healing happens.


Yasmin Lambat

Creator of  SomaSensing™ Intuitive Somatic Therapy

SomaSensing is a reflection of my own inner journey. From fitness to wholeness.  I've always loved moving. From childhood.  I can't imagine life without movement.  Fitness was a huge part of my life at one time until I discovered somatic movement. I have a background in Pilates and Yoga but my exploration of fascia a felt sense, led to intuitive motion. Moving any other way just feels wrong! You can work with me online or in-person in the UK from December 2021.


Antoinette Kavanagh

 SomaSensing™ Therapist and Educator

I started out as a dancer and have been teaching movement for the last 17 years. I have a background in Pilates but it was my experience with Feldenkrais that inspired my Somatic journey. SomaSensing™as a Somaticpractice goes beyond body awareness. Integrating body and mind. I am based in Cape Town and can work with you online or in person.

Fascia is like a musical instrument