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Come home to your body to heal

Free yourself from long-held trauma strain and pain

the natural way

What others say
  • It feels like 10 body-mind therapies rolled into one

  • Like an inner retreat that I can access at any time

  • Surprisingly simple

  • Gets to areas a stretch can't get to

  • Better than any massage I've had

  • I feel less fatigued and less sore

  • I realise that Yoga puts a plaster on it but with SomaSensing it feels like I’m dealing with stuff without having to talk about it.

  • You can never injure yourself in this practice because you are always following the pattern of your body.

  • It's a quantum leap in healing trauma without having to talk about it.

Ready to
tap into your body's wisdom?

Welcome to SomaSensing body unwinding.

A trauma-healing somatic movement practice That gets to the heart of healing. Based on fascial unwinding. How the body moves naturally to heal. 

Get to the heart of healing

Learn how to pause, rest and tap into your felt sense, your interoception.  Inner body sensations that help you reconnect to the natural urge to sense, move and explore mindfully and intuitively. Giving you the freedom to self-nurture, self-regulate and self-heal.   

Move naturally, mindfully and intuitively

Unlock embodied blueprints. Movements like pandiculation, oscillation, coaxing, pulsing, bouncing, and rocking. Intuitive movements that release long-held trauma, strain, and pain. Allowing you to move with ease and grace without having to be in the correct body alignment or body position. This self-exploration calms your nervous system and nurtures your sense of curiosity.

Healing happens unconsciously

Somatic movement practices offer a gentle way to heal from trauma unconsciously, without having to talk about the wounds of the past. By releasing patterns of strain to sense inner ease, you find yourself shifting your state from chaos to calm in moments.  Allowing for self-regulation and nervous system rewiring. While it's not a quick fix, this gentle approach can be a powerful way to heal from the inside out.

Why Fascia?

Fascia is the stuff your body is made from. When you say your muscles feel stiff, it's not your muscles but your fascia.  According to fascia research, everything from skin to bones including saliva, immune cells, muscles, organs and nerves, is made from fascia. A sensory tissue, it provides the environment for cells to communicate with each other. It connects body and mind. Becoming stiff, stuck, and inflamed when we feel anxious, under strain, or lack movement. Vibrant and supple when we feel nurtured, recharged and sense the urge to move.


The body unwinding blueprint

Pandiculation is that irresistible urge we feel to "stretch and yawn" after waking from sleep or sitting for a long time.  Except that, it’s not a stretch as we imagine it.   It's a whole-body motion. More of an unwinding motion than a stretch.

Did you know that pandiculation is also essential for releasing trauma and pain that can be stuck in your body?

This spontaneous urge is linked to interoception.​ Body sensations that alert you of the state of your nervous system from within. Like sensations of hunger, thirst, butterflies in your tummy, chronic pain, or the urge to pee.​

When you lose the urge to pandiculate, it's a sign that your nervous system is stuck in survival. That's where we come in.  Guiding you to reconnect with your this inner blueprint. 

Pandiculation resets your nervous system while revitalizing your fascia. 

Triggering the release of oxytocin, the nurturing hormone, and other body chemistry to calm inflammation and restore elasticity. In fact, pandiculation is a reflex that happens every time you move.  Notice what happens when reach for something on a top shelf or pick up something you’ve dropped on the floor. Does your body take a spontaneous breath in? If it does, that's natural.

Natural motion happens in your everyday life, you may not notice it.

Like the way, we move intuitively to rock, sway, bounce, and tap to soothe a newborn baby. It happens naturally.


Somatic amnesia is a term in somatic therapy that describes a disconnection from your innate ability to move naturally.

In SomaSensing, we help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and help you heal from the inside out. 

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Don't take our word for it...

Herta -South Africa

Learning about the "calm response" is like a new discovery of a retreat, available to me any moment. 
SomaSensing™ is no longer the RIGHT thing to do but is now the KINDEST thing I do for my body, physically, mentally and emotionally, restoring the equilibrium of body and spirit

After Antoinette’s movement session, I feel a deep softening happening inside me.  A vulnerability, lightness, gentleness and opening of my heart.

Lucy - UK

Fiona - South Africa

Yasmin’s work has shown me how to find a little peace and freedom in the chaos of my busy life and overactive mind. By using her simple movement techniques, I now understand better how to ‘let go’ and connect with a place of calm and integrity within my being.

Jamila - Australia

We are all searching for inner peace amongst the noise in life. Your sessions help me find the quiet within. Since meeting you my life has become a wonderful adventure and journey to enlightment.

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