Feeling stuck and under strain?

Free up your body’s fascia and heal your nervous system from stuck patterns of trauma, strain and pain.  With SomaSensing intuitive somatic movement and manual therapy. Discover intuitive unwinding, pandiculation, and other feel-good fascia tuning movements. To nourish your whole self from the inside out.

Healing somatic movement
You're in the right place if....
  • You’re looking for a  somatic way to get out of a survival state of fight/flight/freeze or fold. 

  • You want to know how to tune in to your body’s ability to self-heal

  • You're wondering what's fascia and how it's connected to healing trauma through the body 

  • You’ve tried yoga, mindfulness, meditation, talk therapy, or other body-mind approaches and have become curious about healing through somatic movement.

Your body already knows how to heal

Come home to your inner wisdom

When you want to soothe a crying baby your body begins to rock intuitively. No one teaches you how.  You are born with this nurturing blueprint. The soothing, calming motion triggers the release of Oxytocin.  The feel-good nurturing hormone. 

The same goes for that urge we feel to “stretch and yawn” when we wake up. You may have noticed how newborn babies, or dogs and cats, move this way spontaneously. It’s called pandiculation. A motion that resets the nervous system whilst revitalizing your fascia from the inside out. 



When you lose this urge, it's a sign that your body may be stuck in a trauma response.  Somatic amnesia prevents you from connecting with your ability to self-heal.


SomaSensing reconnects you with this intuitive sense. 


What others say

Herta -South Africa

Learning about the "calm response" is like a new discovery of a retreat, available to me any moment. 
SomaSensing™ is no longer the RIGHT thing to do but is now the KINDEST thing I do for my body, physically, mentally and emotionally, restoring the equilibrium of body and spirit

After Antoinette’s movement session, I feel a deep softening happening inside me.  A vulnerability, lightness, gentleness and opening of my heart.

Lucy - UK

Fiona - South Africa

Yasmin’s work has shown me how to find a little peace and freedom in the chaos of my busy life and overactive mind. By using her simple movement techniques, I now understand better how to ‘let go’ and connect with a place of calm and integrity within my being.

Jamila - Australia

We are all searching for inner peace amongst the noise in life. Your sessions help me find the quiet within. Since meeting you my life has become a wonderful adventure and journey to enlightment.

Your SomaSensing guides


Reach out to work with us in person or online. Book a somatic movement or somatic coaching session to experience how healing happens.


Yasmin Lambat

Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Founder of  SomaSensing™ 

SomaSensing is a reflection of my own inner journey. From fitness to wholeness.  I've always loved moving. From childhood.  I can't imagine life without movement.  Fitness was a huge part of my life at one time until I discovered somatic movement. I have a background in Pilates and Yoga but my somatic exploration of fascia as felt sense, led to intuitive motion. Moving any other way just feels wrong! You can work with me online or in-person in the UK from December 2021.


Antoinette Kavanagh

 SomaSensing™ Therapist and Educator

I started out as a dancer and have been teaching movement for the last 17 years. I have a background in Pilates but it was my experience with Feldenkrais that inspired my Somatic journey. SomaSensing™as a Somaticpractice goes beyond body awareness. Integrating body and mind. I am based in Cape Town and can work with you online or in person.