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Finding Freedom
Somatic Retreat

24th November  to 1st December 2023

Escape to the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal, and embark on an 8-day somatic retreat designed to help you break free from the wounds of your past by connecting to your body's wisdom.  


This transformative experience combines the healing power of nature-based somatic therapy with the gentle, yet powerful practice of SomaSensing body unwinding.


A somatic movement practice based on natural and intuitive movements. Helping you to connect with your true self, and begin your journey toward greater freedom and wholeness.

Take a moment to pause, rest, and unwind.


 "Finding Freedom" is an 8 day somatic retreat designed to help you connect with yourself and find what takes care of you. Guiding you to break free from trauma patterns that may be stuck in your body through no fault of your own. They show up in our body’s fascia as strain, fatigue, chronic pain, stiffness or inflammation. Affecting our thoughts, emotions, and ease of movement. 

Why Fascia?

When you free your fascia you free your mind. Fascia is the tissue our body is made from. Our fabric of embodiment, it connects body and mind and responds to how we think feel and move.  Even before we are born. Shaped by our experiences. Intertwined with the nervous system.  It's how trauma becomes held in the body. Similar to learning how to ride a bike or tie our shoes, our nervous system can learn how to adapt to trauma, forming patterns of behavior and responses that can become automatic. 

Break free from these patterns with SomaSensing

Over the course of eight days, you'll be immersed in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Where I guide you to experience a healing state. A frequency that helps you to release tension, strain, and restriction in your body's fascia.  Bringing your awareness to your nervous system in ways that help you self-regulate. Above all, guiding you to find your connection to nature’s healing frequency.

At the heart of our program is SomaSensing body unwinding, a somatic movement therapy based on natural and intuitive movements that arise from our body wisdom.

Discover embodied blueprints like pandiculation, rocking, bouncing, coaxing, and pulsing. Intuitive movements that help soothe, nourish, nurture, and unwind stuckness, strain, and chronic pain.  


As you begin to release stuck patterns, you begin to embody a new sense of freedom, joy, clarity, and connection to your whole self. This way of self-nurturing cultivates self-compassion, acceptance, and a sense of letting go. 

In addition to movement, Yasmin will guide somatic yoga, meditation, and group therapy sessions 


 “Not only does SomaSensing Body Unwinding combat aches and pains but gives me a much clearer understanding of my physicality, resulting in being kinder and much more considerate of my body. In practicing “letting go” I am aware that it is much more than simply breathing out. Letting go is a physical “tool” making letting go of unwanted emotions and thoughts much easier. Learning about the “calm response” is like a new discovery of a retreat, available to me at any moment. SomaSensing is now the KINDEST thing I do for my body, physically, mentally, and emotionally, restoring the equilibrium of body and spirit. Last – not least – discovering the meditative aspect of SomaSensing is helping me greatly to be, and appreciate being in the moment. Distilling all the above: I now have a very simple but effective tool to let go of any tension, in whatever form and whatever the course." 


With all my gratitude and Love, Herta

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How will you  benefit?
  • Become aware of how body and mind are connected

  • Explore simple practices to release strain and tension

  • Learn to calm your inner critic and become an observer

  • Connect with your ability to find the quiet within

  • Take away daily practices for your Vagus nerve

  • Tap into your inner wisdom at any moment

  • An embodied experience of connection that you can access at any moment

  • Cultivate intuition through interoception

What's included

  • Daily SomaSensing Body Unwinding

  • Daily Somatic Yoga and meditation

  • Daily group coaching 

  • Nature therapy in the area

  • Nourishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Access to the spa, sauna, and pool

  • A nature walk to explore the waterfalls

What's extra

  • Individual sessions with Yasmin

  • Spa therapies

  • Shuttle to and from the airport

Madeira is lush, green, and breathtaking.  You're never too far away from the sea or a waterfall. You will be staying at the luxury Sentido Galisol Hotel. 15 minutes from the airport. Airport transfer is available.

Whether you are looking to heal from past traumas, release chronic pain, or simply deepen your connection with your body, Don't miss this opportunity to explore your inner wisdom and discover the transformative power of somatic healing.  In the healing embrace of the island of Madeira.

We hope to welcome you to this life-changing retreat soon.


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Limited spaces available

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