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Become a SomaSensing™ pandiculation therapist

Integrating Fascia, felt sense and healing from within.

Open to all yoga teachers, pilates teachers, movement therapists, dancers, coaches, counsellors and psychologists looking for a somatic approach to healing. Either for themselves or their clients.


What will I learn

How pandiculation therapy can restore fascial integrity whilst revitalising body and mind.

  • How to tune into embodied blueprints for an easier and more efficient way of moving. 

  • A felt sense of nature’s design.

  • "Soft body" Experience the shape shifting nature of soft living tissue. 

  • The calm response™. A SomaSensing practice for holding space. 

  • The difference between voluntary and spontaneous movement. 

  • How to guide a pandiculation practice. 

  • Self-healing movements as designed by nature. 

  • How pandiculation differs from a stretch sensation. 

  • Pandiculation for revitalizing the Psoas, diaphragm and Vagus nerve.. 

  • All about Fascia, the fabric of embodiment. 

  • Spiral motion.

  • How motion can heal emotion. 

  • How to restore Fascial integrity with pandicuation.


Certification format

200 hours minimum practice

  • Certification can be taken within a year.

  • Week long immersion retreat.

  • 3 core modules, fascia, somatic embodiment and the neuroscience of healing.

  • Each module split into 4 lessons. 

  • A minimum of 100 hours of self practice.

  • 100 hours of teaching.

  • Submit 2 case studies. 

  • Submit 2 recorded sessions. 

  • 4 private sessions

  • 4 group supervision sessions.

  • Foundation certification requires 16  hours of continuing education, each year. 

  • Facebook group and peer support. 


Course outline

6 core modules that form the foundation of intuitive learning


Soma - your felt self

Module 1

  • Our true nature

  • Becoming who we are

  • Distinguishing between body and soma

  • Body and mind as one.

  • Knowing your true self

  • Embodiment and how it reflects our journey. Our patterns

  • Somatic amnesia and how to reconnect

  • Somatic healing

Nature's design

Module 2

  • Biotensegrity, a paradigm of nature's design.

  • Sensing nature's design

  • Intuitive movement

  • Pandiculation and other embodied blueprints.

  • Spiral motion

  • Emotion in motion

Intuitive guidance and interoception

Module 3

  • ​The wisdom of intuition

  • How movements emerge

  • The power of the pause in cultivating intuition

  • Cultivating interoception for powerful intuition.

  • Holding space

Fascia the fabric of embodiment

Module 4

  • It is a fiber, is it a gel is it an organ? What is fascia?

  • What makes fascia a sensory tissue?

  • What makes it the organ of wellbeing?

  • What's is embodiment?

  • What makes fascia the fabric of embodiment?

  • What is Myofascial release? 

Pandiculation as therapy

Module 5

  • Pandiculation for pain relief

  • Pandiculation for healing trauma

  • Pandiculation and the thoracolumbar fascia

  • Exploring movement with spontaneous pandiculation

  • How to replace stretch with pandiculation (Body Yawn) for a supple pain-free body

The nervous system

Module 6

  • How we make sense of the world

  • The polyvagal theory

  • Fight/flight/freeze and faint.

  • Dysregulation and the symptoms

  • Somatic healing

What others say

Intuitive learning is visceral. It involves pausing and listening to what arises. In this sense, it is a re-membering rather than learning something new because it's already there.


It´changed everything for me, i don´t have to wait to have someone tell me what to do, not even my brain... this is not a new form or a new way to move - this is how we were meant to move, live, breathe, love and enjoy. I´m peeling off my layers and finding me.

Mia Elmund - Yoga teacher trainer Sweden

Retreat and certification combined

200 hour certification

7-day immersion retreat followed by online training




Single occupancy

Pay in South African Rand

Via bank transfrer