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Heal from within. 7 day retreat

10 March- 16 March 2020 at Somerset Gift Swellendam South Africa.

Connect with the healing power of nature and let your body move the way nature intended.

Experience soothing, pain-relieving, fascia hydrating movements.


Described as ....

“the kindest way to heal your body”

“self-soothing and self nurturing”

 “movements for your mind”

“Like an inner massage for body and mind”

“An inner retreat that you can access at any time”

“I feel like I’m unwinding emotional stress”


Movements to calm your mind

You were born to move. You already know how.

Every time you sigh, have the urge to stretch and yawn, or instinctively exhale in nature, your body is tapping into its innate ability to unwind, self- restore and self -heal. 

Somewhere along the way, you may have lost the ability to tune in to those blueprints. As a result of stress, trauma, or living life behind a desk all day.  Leaving you with chronic pain, stiffness, exhaustion, lack of sleep or struggling to move well in your every day life.

Let SomaSensing™ guide you back to your true nature.

At the heart of this practice lies PANDICULATION. That early morning urge to stretch and yawn.


Release, reshape, revitalise

Trauma and stress releasing movements for body and mind.

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Experience Pandiculation. Nature's stretch

The body's self-healing blueprint.

Pandiculation, that early morning stretch and yawn is one of those revitalising, embodied movements. Dogs, cat’s and all mammals have this innate blueprint. Nature’s way of restoring suppleness and wellbeing.  It’s better than any form of stretching, including Yoga.  According to fascia experts, it’s one of the best ways to rehydrate fascia, your connective tissue.

You can pandiculate anywhere, everywhere and in any moment to...

  • Unwind stress related stiffness

  • Relieve pain

  • Heal from trauma

  • Revitalise body and mind


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to feel supple, revitalised and pain-free with gentle feel good movements.  Or anyone interested in healing through somatic movement. Including  yoga teachers, pilates teachers, dancers,  TRE practitioners, movement professionals, coaches, counsellors, bodyworkers, psychologists and healthcare professionals.


The SomaSensing™ experience


Healing for body and mind

Heal body and mine. Come home to your true nature and reconnect with moving the way nature intended. Alignment free, with ease and connecting with embodied blueprints.


The Retreat Venue

Somerset Gift. A hidden gem deep in a valley bordering the Marloth Nature Reserve just outside Swellendam (2,5 hours drive from Cape Town). Sunrise reveals mountain paths through thick indigenous forest to endless waterfalls, and sunset glimmers on the river that flows past the farmhouse and cottages. The moon and stars light up the pastures and fields in this nook of simple living. Accommodation is shared or private in the main farmhouse and surrounding cottages.



Sharing - R 14 500

Single - R 16 000

all inclusive

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Don't take my word for it...

read what others experience


What brought me here is trying to understand a deeper self. Now that I’ve experienced the wholeness, I’m feeling quite emotional about it. I just feel that this is the right thing to do. Everything I’ve done before has been superficial.

Jenny Dunn, Yoga, Pilates, Gyro Teacher

Retreat Schedule

7:00am – SomaSensing session

8:30am – Breakfast

10:00am – Lecture

11:30am Break

12pm – Lecture

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm – Free time

3:30pm – Tea break

4:00pm – Lecture

6:30pm – Light supper

7:00pm – Reflection and meditation


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