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Start your somatic healing journey today. With one of our courses.

Simple ways to feel calm, move with ease, reshape your body and repattern your mind.

Modern Dance Teacher

Move to heal

A 16 week movement course

A 16-week intuitive somatic movement course to help you soften and unwind areas of stiffness, strain, and tension.  Stiffness and strain linked to stress, anxiety, repetitive movement, and nervous system dysregulation. In this movement course, you learn how to tune in to your fascia as felt sense to find how the body shape changes intuitively to retune. Finding ways to unwind, revitalise, calm, and soothe the body whilst restoring suppleness.

You get 32 sessions in total. You can practice weekly or daily. 

Calm Woman

How to shift from Chaos to Calm

Through the body.  Learn how to trigger the healing response of your vagus nerve.

Are you looking for ways to ease chronic pain, calm anxiety, or heal complex trauma?

This course introduces you the Polvagal Theory and a 28 day ritual of retuning the vagus nerve. 

You learn to connect with yourself through the Polyvagal lens. Becoming aware of your embodied state with curiosity, compassion and care.

Group Dance

Your SomaSensing™ guide to somatic practice

Introducing you to somatic practice informed by fascia, biotensegriy and the polyvagal theory

Whether you interested in becoming a somatic therapist or looking to explore a somatic approach to healing. 

This guide is for you.

Tune in to your somatic journey the SomaSensing way™.  Connect with felt sense. Discover principles of self-inquiry,  self-exploration, curiosity and embodied awareness. Embrace your true nature. Your embodied self, your patterned self, your inner knowing, your soma.