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Calm Sea

Book a 30-minute session

To help you decide

When you're struggling to heal. The last thing you want to is to spend a lot of money on yet another course. Talking to us can help before you start. It also helps us know where you are in your journey and whether this is the right path for you. Chat to us first if you are unsure.

The issue is in the tissue

How emotions are held in the body

A 45-minute webinar on fascia. What it is, where it is and it's sensory nature.  Get a taste of how to tune into your fascia s felt sense.

I'm fine I'm a somatic therapist

Dissociation and how it can happen without warning

In this webinar, yasmin shares her journey with dissociation and what she did to get out of freeze.

Your SomaSensing™ guide to somatic practice

Introducing you to somatic practice informed by fascia, biotensegriy and the polyvagal theory

Whether you interested in becoming a somatic therapist or looking to explore a somatic approach to healing. 

This guide is for you.

Tune in to your somatic journey the SomaSensing way™.  Connect with felt sense. Discover principles of self-inquiry,  self-exploration, curiosity, and embodied awareness. Embrace your true nature. Your embodied self, your patterned self, your inner knowing, your soma.

Included in this guide is an introduction to Fascia Tuning Somatic Therapy.

Move to heal

16 week intuitive movement course

A 16-week intuitive somatic movement course to help you soften and unwind areas of stiffness, strain, and tension.  Stiffness and strain linked to stress, anxiety, repetitive movement, and nervous system dysregulation. In this movement course, you learn how to tune in to your fascia as felt sense to find how the body shape changes intuitively to retune. Finding ways to unwind, revitalise, calm, and soothe the body whilst restoring suppleness.

You get 32 sessions in total. You can practice weekly or daily. 

How to shift from Chaos to Calm

A self- coaching programme to help you shift from feeling stuck to finding possibility. By guiding you to connect with your sensing self.

Are you looking for ways other than talk therapy or pills to ease chronic pain, calm anxiety, or heal complex trauma? Start by getting to know how you are without judging who you are. 

Through the lens of fascia and the Polyvagal theory.

help you cultivate awareness. Fascia is your sixth sense.