Hey I'm Antoinette, your SomaSensing guide in Cape Town, South Africa

You can work with me in person or on-line. 

Before SomaSensing I was teaching Pilates for almost 20 years. At the time it helped me transition from dance to movement as therapy. 

Feldenkrais was my first experience of somatic practice. Intrigued with Anatomy in motion, it helped me to experience anatomy as a felt sense. 

Experience the somatic practice of tuning in to body sensation. Let yourself be guided by sensory awareness. You don't have to be taught how to move. You already know how. Anxiety, stress, trauma or injury may disconnect you from your body. Resulting in stiffness, pain or tension.

SomaSensing reconnects you to wholeness. Guiding you to find what's already there and to discover how the body takes care of itself.

Discover how pandiculation and other movement blueprints relieve pain, by regulating the vagus nerve whilst revitalising fascia. Leaving you feeling calm, supple, and easeful.