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This section will help you if you want to know more about how body therapy can help heal the mind.

How do I know if I have trauma?

Trauma is an overwhelming state that leads to nervous system dysregulation that shows up in the body as chronic pain, autoimmune responses like Fibromyalgia, heart palpitations, insomnia, or gut issues.   SomaSensing regulates the nervous system the way nature intended. Without having to talk about it, find the underlying cause, or relive it.

What is Interoception?

Interoception is the way your nervous system sends you messages from within your body, telling you the true state of your mind and body from within. Sensations alerting you of distress can feel loud, like butterflies in your tummy, pounding heart, nausea, the urge to pee, hunger, craving, addiction or heart palpitations. Or feel subtle like discomfort, anticipation, apathy, tension, unease.  SomaSensing practices help you find the quiet within.  Showing you ways to calm the distress signals. To pause, tune in and listen from a place of calm. Helping you to self-regulate your nervous system.

Why Fascia?

How you think feel or move happens in your fascia. Fascia is the largest and most sensitive sensory organ of your nervous system. Your body’s felt sense. It is embedded with an abundance of Interoceptors.

You could say that Fascia is your sixth sense.

Imagine your body is wrapped in layers of supple elastic from skin to bone. Pain, inflammation, tension or stiffness is a sign that the elastic has lost its vitality, it’s suppleness. A sign that the body is in distress. Now think about how your body relaxes in response to a gentle soothing touch. That’s the nerve endings in your Fascia responding, softening and melting to a light touch.

What makes Fascia your sixth sense are electromagentic signals faster than your nervous system as well as an abundance of super-sensitive nerve endings that respond to both feel-good and painful signals.

Fascia is your fabric of Embodiment, 

It provides the environment, for every living cell in the body.  Muscles, nerves, veins, hormones and your immune system LIVE within the Fascia.

Fascia is bathed in a moisturising gel that provides plumpness, elasticity and suppleness. Loss of suppleness is linked to a sympathetic response.  The nervous system under stress. A sign that you’re not ok. Resulting in symptoms that range from stiffness and discomfort to chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmune conditions like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

If there is stress in the Fascial tissue, it affects every other biological system in the body. Fascia-based soothing movements that calm the nervous system tap into the innate ability for your body to heal itself.

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When your body says yes but your soma says no! 

Soma in Greek means "of the body".  Or how the body knows. 

In SomaSensing™ it means integrity, a state of wholeness. Where we have are guided by  intuition. A sense felt sense of  "inner guidance" or "inner knowing" Of what feels right.  This sensory guidance is subtle and always there.  

What takes us away from that is any form of stress, pain or trauma. Numbing our sensory signals as a way of coping with overwhelm.  Resulting in sensory amnesia and nervous system dysregulation. 

A body under emotional stress will often choose comfort and safety over integrity. It finds the quickest way to "feel- good" creating an association. A habit.  The body's way of coping and surviving. 

It's why we may find that we choose what makes us feel good instead of what's good for us. Like choosing a mouth-watering tempting slice of chocolate cake over a green salad.

The body chooses what makes us feel good. Soma guides what's good for us.

SomaSensing™ calms the nervous system to connect you to Soma or wholeness. Helping you to recognise your true self from your habitual nature.  Helping you to self-regulate. Providing easy practices to manage overwhelming sensory information. Bringing your nervous system into regulation and helping you to know yourself from a place of calm and compassion.

Interoception is sensory information that arises from within the body. 

Exteroception is sensory information we sense from the outside in.

Proprioception sometimes known as kinaesthetic awareness is how we sense body position and motion.


What are embodied blueprints?

Movements you're born with.

Every time you sigh, stretch and yawn or spontaneously exhale in nature, you are tapping into your body's ability to restore.

Less obvious are the rocking, swaying, bouncing and tapping movements we use to soothe a baby.

Or those early shape shifting childhood development movements like rolling, sitting, crawling walking and exploring. They are instinctive. No-one teaches you how to move, you are born to move, you already know how.

SomaSensing™ therapy taps into innate healing blueprints to calm the nervous system and repattern the mind. Otherwise referred to as NEUROPLASTICITY.  

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Find the quiet within

Calm distresed interoception with 
The Calm Response™

Your nervous system lies at the heart of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

  1. We know that it regulates EVERY biological system in your body, including  breathing, heartbeat, hormones and even your urge to pee.

  2. Less understood is how it connects you to your inner self, your felt self. Your emotional self. Sending you distress signals like heart palpitations, muscle tension, butterflies in your tummy,  headaches, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, fatigue when you’re not ok.

The Calm Response™ is a simple 3 step guide to finding the quiet within.