Nature's stretch

The difference between a stretch and pandiculation.

1. Pandiculation is involuntary,  spontaneous, intuitive, whole.
A stretch is voluntary. You're having to think about it or be shown what to do.
2. A stretch is elastic. Like and  elastic band. It gets thinner and longer.  Not great for joint integrity.
Pandiculation enhances the auxetic nature of fascia. It's expanding,  energy-efficient and re-plumping property. The whole body responds. Better for vitality and integrity.
3. The feel-good of a stretch is pleasurable and involves mostly dopamine the gratification hormone. Which can be addictive.
The feel-good of pandiculation leaves you with a sense of well being. Releasing oxytocin, the nurture hormone. Better for regulating the nervous system.
4. With a stretch, you usually stretch at a joint and run the risk of going beyond your range. Running the risk of instability. Especially if you are  hypermobile. 
With pandiculation, you move with integrity. Within your range with no risk of injury.

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