Intuitive learning

Guiding you to what's already there.

Before learning to guide others, every SomaSensing™ journey begins with your own inner healing. Your own self-exploration, self-inquiry, and journey inward to find your true nature. Your embodied self, your patterned self, your inner knowing, your soma.

There are many amazing somatic approaches to finding inner guidance.  I share mine. Simple, gentle and pioneering practices that help you connect with wholeness from the get-go


Somatic training path

Whether you are at the start of your somatic journey or are curious about the SomaSensing™ approach to intuitive movement, or want to add a trauma therapy approach,  there is a place for you on this path.


Connect with wholeness

Find what's already there. 

At the heart of the practice lies the discovery of soma.  Our sense of wholeness.   Our embodied selves. A somatic awareness that reveals habitual patterns that have taken us away from our wholeness. Through embodied awareness, we reconnect with wholeness to discover the body's inner wisdom to self-regulate and self-heal through movement.  

My purpose as your guide is to help you reconnect with that. To find intuitive movement patterns you were born with. You don't have to learn how to move, you already know-how.  Stress, trauma and learned patterns of movement dampen that sensory wisdom. 


Upcoming courses and certification


Intuitive somatic movement therapy

A 2 year Somatic therapy certification

Intuitive means, being guided from within. SomaSensing cultivates listening to inner guidance. Intuitive self-healing movements emerge from a calm, quiet body.  Emerging when the body is in resonance. Offering self-soothing movements to relieve pain or revitalising movements to regulate the nervous system. It is the body's way of taking care of itself. Learn to find your way then guide others to find theirs.
Be prepared to dive into your own inner work and healing. Becoming an embodied observer and listener. Getting to know yourself, your patterns and your state will help you cultivate the empathy to guide others.   Approaching yourself and others with heartfelt authenticity, compassion and curiosity won't always feel comfortable but it will help you to connect with integrity. To hold space and guide others to their inner knowing. To their integrity. Integrity being a state of wholeness.


Learn how to be as supple as a cat.

How to replace stretching with pandiculation and other Fascia revitalising movements.  For a supple, pain-free body. Stretching can damage your joints. Pandiculation is nature's way of easing tension, stiffness and pain. Restoring mobility and suppleness with ease.   For those looking to feel supple in thier own body or Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and movement professionals looking for a gentle yet effective way to rehydrate and revitalise fascia.


Next certification in 2021

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